16 Tundra and 15 Sienna oil viscosity

I have a 16 Tundra and a 15 Sienna that Toyota recommends 0w20 oil for except for in “severe conditions,” which I understand to be off road, towing and high speeds, in which case 5w30 is recommended *but only if the following oil change is 0w20.*

Where I live the interstate speed limit is 80, and I drive the Tundra off road with some regularity. We also have coldish winters (-10F). I’ve decided that 0w30 is a compromise between start up lubrication and at full temp film strength. Is this wrong headed of me? What exactly classifies as “high speed”?

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  • It’s my understanding that the “at the following oil change” language is in the manual to satisfy CAFE requirements/MPG purposes and not for any other real reason.

    The ancient 2.7L engine in my Tacoma originally called for 5W-30 in the US but was back-spec’d to 0W-20 several years ago. I use 5W-30 in it since it is a little quieter/smoother/less clattery with it and because our Yaris takes 5W-30 (I buy the boxes of synthetic Kirkland oil at Costco).

    I’ve had the same thought as you to use 0W-30 but haven’t switched since it’s a little pricier. (I use the Costco synthetic oil that is $30.99 for 10 quarts … truck takes about 6 quarts, car takes about 4 – it’s perfect).

    Anyway, what I did was to find the Australian owner’s manual (not subject to CAFE) for a vehicle that uses the same engine (in my case, the Hilux) which says that 0W-20 is preferred but that anything up to 10W-30 can be used. Look here:

    Hilux page for the 2.7L

    Here is the owner’s manual for a 2016 Australian V6 Highlander (called Kluger down there). They say 5W-30 is the thinnest allowed and that you can use up to 15W-40 (!)


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