1996 Toyota Camry

I have a 1996 Toyota Camry V6 collectors edition (leather interior, power sunroof, wood grain finishes & gold exterior lettering). She has ~208k and I replaced the power steering last year so I could keep her on the road. I love the car and it has a ton of sentimental value but I’m considering donating or selling the car. I know donating wouldn’t pay off much but I was wondering if many Toyota loyalists would purchase the car for over $1k. The car has had 2 owners (myself included) and has a little cosmetic damage but is otherwise in fantastic shape. She’s hella reliable,

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  • Probably should disclose the condition of the frame or any corrosion/rust the car has if this car has been anywhere in the rust/frost belt. Pictures would be useful and identify if anyone here would buy it

  • 1k? Is this 2008 recession pricing?

    My dude I can sell my 2010 180k Camry for like 8 grand right now. I’m sure you could get 3, 4, maybe 5k.


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