2AZ-FE Oil TSB (’07 Camry)

I recently purchased an ’07 Camry CE and while everything is functional and it hasn’t used a noticeable amount of oil I was made aware of the dreaded 2AZ-FE oil consumption (after buying). Usually I do more research and due diligence when buying cars, but I figured, “eh, it’s a Toyota.” It was my mistake for not looking into it more but the miles are fairly low (134k) and it’s a 5 speed manual, which is something I enjoy.

Anyways I remember seeing on a forum that pink marks on the dipstick and a few engine locations indicate that either the TSB work had been done or it had been check for the oil consumption problem by Toyota. I don’t remember which it indicated and can’t seem to find that post again, and if it’s the latter I know Toyota was a bit lenient with what they considered a problem level oil consumption. Ultimately should have been a recall and rightfully damaged their reputation with many folks. I tried looking my VIN up on their website for TSB/recall stuff but it kept returning an error.

My question is, is there any under the hood inspection I can do to see if the work has been done? Also, I’m just curious to hear more first hand accounts of this issue from those who’ve owned a 2AZ from the effected years, even if they’re stories that won’t settle my concern. Thanks in advance.

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5 thoughts on “2AZ-FE Oil TSB (’07 Camry)

  • I can see the pink marks on both the coolant hose and the dipstick (very faint, but it’s there.)

  • Look at where the timing cover meets the block/head. If the sealant is black instead of grey then it may have been done. Or get it on the lift and look at the upper oil pan, if the sealant is black there then you know someone has had the engine apart. Or I can look it up in Toyota national service history.

  • The way that hose clamp is installed is definitely evidence somebody was in there doing something lol If you post your vin I can look up your national service history and see if it’s been done.

  • Damage their reputation? Unlikely, people are buying tundras for 70k that’s need engine blocks , but i digress . Every car that had concerns of excessive oil consumption and proven to do so had installed new pistons . No need for recall most engines had over 100k miles by the time toyota decided to as a good gesture perform the tsb.
    If you service your car at a dealer and have a relationship with them,they can run your vehicles vin and tell you if it has the tsb done .


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