3sgte swapped st202 celica problems

I’m wondering if anyone can help me out and I cannot get this car to start for the life of me, gen 4 3sgte from an auto caldina into my st202 celica. It is a jdm st202 celica that originally had a gen 3 3sge

At this point as it stands car turns over all good but that’s all factory untouched stuff like lights and starter however my problem is that everything on the motor just seems to test as as an earth (test light from positive on battery) and no power anywhere however when trying to start looks like the coil plugs have a very small ground signal once while cranking then goes away, I believe this comes from the signal wire

As stands I have the efi fuse hooked up to batt pin on ecu and circuit opening relay pin to the circuit opening relay and nothing else has been touched on ecu, I’m almost sure this whole problem is an issue from ecu

If anyone has any idea as to why this would happen as I believe it’s all that is stopping the car from starting it would be much appreciated and I’ve been stuck with this problem for months, Cheers!

Sorry had a video couldn’t add it thought

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