Alignment after struts?

Good morning, I’m helping a neighbor on her ’12 Camry Hybrid. We are replacing all the struts.

I’m not a major car guy, just have some mechanical skill, so I wanted to see if it’s necessary for an alignment after strut replacement? I am assuming yes, but want to make sure she isn’t spending unnecessary money. Thank you!

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4 thoughts on “Alignment after struts?

  • You have too. I did this, replace my broken struts but never did the alignment to a shop. 6.months later them tires are bald on a weird way. Like not equal. I messed up the alignment when i changed em struts.

  • Yes. As you are removing, replacing, and refitting parts of the suspension that will effect geometry.

    It only takes an adjustment bolt being a half turn off to drastically effect the alignment and kill tires quickly, or make the car unsafe to operate at highway speeds. The car will be fine to drive to your local wheel alignment shop.

  • Yes, alignment is required for your case. Btw, it is very kind of you to help out your neighbor 😉

  • Getting new rear struts put on tomorrow. Yay. More money spent.


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