Extended warranty yay or nay!

I just got a 2024 Camry Hybrid on Halloween. I purchased the extended warranty, but I think I was overcharged. Probably because they wanted to make up for the sales price that I drove them down on. 150k mile warranty for $4k. I’m thinking about cancelling it. The car will be garage kept. Any recommendations??

FYI I’ve never purchased an extended warranty before so I had no idea what they cost.

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3 thoughts on “Extended warranty yay or nay!

  • That’s a bit high. I paid $1000 for mine 150k miles/10 years ago you can shop around other dealers for one.

  • It does seem high. If a Toyota warranty, it may be worth thinking about if 3rd party do not waste your money.

  • Why buy a warranty before your current one expires? That’s just overlapping warranties and taking on double coverage…. its always best to buy the extended warranty at the end of your lease/buyout or right before it expires on your purchase finance price. Unless its used…then buy the warranty. But try to keep it out of the financed price…

    Don’t finance the warranty in the loan, that is like an extra 400+, they are making off the interest of your warranty.


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