First oil change when?

I have a new Corolla Cross that just hit 5,000 miles. My car indicator came up saying “maintenance needed” but I know the Toyota manual says to do first oil change at 10,000

My dealership won’t pay for a 5K oil change so if it’s not necessary, I won’t waste money to do it. I’m not a car person so I don’t know how necessary it is doing it at its first 5,000

For info, I typically drive about 25 miles total a day to commute.

Edit: thanks everyone! I’ll go ahead and keep my appointment to get my oil changed this week. Appreciate yall!

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  • I would do one now, but I will probably get yelled at for saying it

  • I personally chose to change my oil every 5K. As a former tech, who’s seen the internals of neglected motors, I just can’t get behind the idea of 10K (or in the case of some manufacturers even more!) oil changes. I just can’t believe oil, even the modern synthetics, have reached the point where they don’t break down sufficiently to start causing harm by 5000 miles. That’s my 2 cents for whatever it is worth.

  • That’s just a quick overview of the vehicle and tire rotation. Not worth it. My dealership told me to just reset the reminder on the dash.
    I did change my oil and filter at 8,000 kms in my garage. Oil looked good. I also have troubles going so long on the oil. Waiting for people to yell at me 😉

  • Are you driving on the highway often? If not I’d probably do one. My friend recently got a new Corolla and they said oil change every 10k for the first 100k miles, then every 5k.

  • The dealership maintenance plan is designed to kill your engine quicker. There was a mechanic on yt that did a deep dive into a Camry that was consuming oil, it’ll all came back to extended oil change intervals wearing bearing and whatnot within the engine.

    Every 5k, no matter what brand, change your oil and rotate your tires. Unless the brand specifies doing it sooner. The car will last you much longer, give you less problems, and it allows you to check for wear in other areas.

  • I went in for the 5k maintenance. It doesn’t include the oil change. They gave me a discount. I watch the Car Care Nut on Youtube. He is a Master Toyota mechanic. He says regardless of what the service dealer tells you, get it changed every 5k. I believe his advice.

  • That light comes on every 5,000 miles regardless of anything else, it’s that simple. You should do:

    1. **Tire rotation** every **5,000 miles**
    2. **Oil change** every **10,000 miles**
    3. Swap the **cabin air and engine air filters** every **25,000 miles** or as needed (easy DIY).
    4. **Brake fluid** flush at around **75,000** especially if it fails moisture test.
    5. **Coolant flush** at **100,000 miles** and then **every 50,000 after** that at most.
    6. **Transmission flush** (lots of debate on this “lifetime” fluid) and **spark plug change** every **120,000 miles**.

    Other than that just take care of the usual tires, brakes, battery, wipers, etc. as they wear down and you are good to go.

  • The Car Care Nut on YouTube says to do the first oil change at 1,000 miles, then every 6 months or 5,000 miles whichever comes first. His only caveat was that if you’re not looking to keep the car for longer than 5-6 years then it’s ok to go longer. If you read the manual carefully a lot of the driving that people do falls under the category where Toyota recommends changing at 6 months/5k miles.

  • Same questions, it’s always 5k or 6 months. Downvote all ys want u tools lol

  • Toyota recommends 10k mile oil change under ideal conditions. Real life is not ideal conditions, Change every 5k miles.
    When you change yourself and see, feel, smell the oil at 5k you will be happy you did at 5k intervals

  • 1k -> 5k -> every 5k or 6 months.

    My oil change is $50. With my annual mileage it costs me an extra $75 a year for peace of mind.

  • It’s a lot cheaper changing the oil every 5k than it is to buy a new motor.

  • If you want your car to last for a long time, do your oil changes every 5,000 miles or six months, whichever comes first.

    You can save a lot of money by doing your oil changes and basic maintenance yourself in your driveway. An oil change only takes about an hour for a novice.

    Go on to YouTube and look up The Car Care Nut maintenance. He is a Toyota Master Mechanic and makes videos about how you can save money and take care of your vehicle.

  • Absolutely get your oil changed now. Toyota wants you to wait until 10,000 miles so that your engine won’t last as long as it otherwise would and you will have to buy a new car sooner.

  • I follow what the manual says (and the app we have to use to book the maintenance). It’s 15000 km here for the first one.

  • I always get my oil changed when my car says “Maintenance required now” and I’ve got a Camry.


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