How do I maintain my 2022 camry hybrid le

Any toyota experts out there that can give me a good idea of what I need to do to the car I do the oil changed every 5k miles car is at 37,000 miles atm what else do I need to do in the upcoming miles looked at the manual but it doesn’t say when to change the coolant or trans fluid little confused.

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  • Your owner’s manual has all this info on a schedule. You can get the PDF on Toyota’s website if needed.

  • Tire rotation every 5k or 6 months.

    Oil change every 10k (5k if you tow or have a roof rack). Otherwise, every 1 year if you don’t drive a lot.

    Cabin air filter every 10k if it’s the carbon one, as needed otherwise.

    Clean hybrid battery air filter every 20k (or replace it, up to you). Doesn’t really matter if your interior stays clean, does matter if you have pets or a ton of sand inside of your car.

    Engine air filter every 30k.

    Spark plugs every 120k.

    Transmission fluid every 120k (60k if you tow or have a roof rack). The manual only gives you the extreme interval, standard interval is inferred from that.

    Engine and inverter first coolant change at 100k/10y, then every 50k/5y thereafter (inverter technically has a different first change interval but everyone just does it at the same time as the engine coolant).

    Pro tip: Check underneath the engine cover every couple of months. Rodents like to build nests under there and chew up the engine harness.

    Everything else is on an as-needed basis.

    Maintenance information is found in the warranty/maintenance manual, not the owners manual.

  • Read your owners manual again. It’s in there, look under maintenance schedule


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