How to unlock toyota raize from inside?

We just got 2023 toyota raize yesterday and today my mum was driving and i was on the passenger seat, this car would lock itself when we drive and would unlock itself when getting out of the driver’s side.

So today we stopped by a shop and i had to unlock my door and go, then when i got out with some items i wanted to put it in the backseat, i couldn’t because my mum doesn’t know where as the only buttons she sees are for windows.

So my mum had to open her door so that it will unlock all the door.

Where’s those unlock/lock buttons go? I refuse to believe it’s gone or smth, help!

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2 thoughts on “How to unlock toyota raize from inside?

  • The car locks its doors while in drive, and it should unlock when you put it in park

  • Probably want to check the car/door settings in the infotainment and MID system. Read the manual for more details.


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