Is my tyre pressure warning light faulty?

Hi everyone I’m in the UK with a Yaris. I used to set the tyre pressure slightly higher. The temperature dropped recently so the tyre pressure warning light was on but my rear tyre pressure was 29psi which is just the exact number of what’s recommended on the door frame.

This is my first car so I’m not sure if that’s normal? Does everyone set their tyre pressure the same as the label? Has anyone had this problem of having the warning light on even when their tyre pressure is within the range?

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4 thoughts on “Is my tyre pressure warning light faulty?

  • Sudden cold weather can contract the air in the tire. This lowers the pressure and can sometimes make TPMS think there is a slow leak. Hopefully, it should go away if you drive normally and the tire warms up.

  • Also, so that you know, tire pressure readings take a few minutes to update correctly.

    You could increase the tire pressure to 30 psi so it won’t dip to 28 psi when cold.

  • I don’t know anything about Yaris and I’m in the US. My 2007 Highlander had the “old style” tire pressure sensor, aka no TPMS in the tire. If the sensor was tripped you had to reset it by holding down a button under the dash near the steering wheel column. Otherwise the light stayed on forever, regardless of what else happened to the tires. Don’t know if this is applicable to your circumstance.

  • I had this too with my Yaris Cross when I came up the mountains and the temp dropped. I did pump it up to the new pressure and the warning went off.


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