Lease with plan to buyout?

Looking at a RAV4 Prime XSE that is running a 6500 TFS promo. We were thinking of doing a 36 month lease, with a plan to buy it at the end because our current car is about to die but we can’t afford financing payments right now.

Would this be an okay plan? Residual that I’m seeing is about 25000 so the total pay for the car checks out. The only premium I’d be paying from what I can tell is the financing on buyout if we can’t put up all cash.

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One thought on “Lease with plan to buyout?

  • Hard to say. Usually, lease-to-buy will end up costing more for the car, but it’s a great way to test drive the vehicle for three years.

    You may come out ahead with the promo, but you would need to calculate the total cost and see how close the numbers are.


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