Looking at buying a 2023 Toyota Sienna, looking for guidance

What are your experiences with the Sienna?
We are a family of 5. Two under two.

We need a reliable car that will last. We really thought our last car (2021 volkswagen Tiguan) would be that car but at 67k miles it had massive engine seal failure requiring $1.7k to fix.

We are torn between a Toyota Highlander, Honda pilot, And A deal for 2023 Ford Explorer ST-Line.
Any help is appreciated

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3 thoughts on “Looking at buying a 2023 Toyota Sienna, looking for guidance

  • the Sienna would top my list for a daily driver with your situation, especially with real little ones. I’m a big fan of the previous gen Sequoia also, but sliding doors and relative efficiency of the Sienna are huge pluses.

  • We have a 2023 Sienna xle. tried to get a platinum but getting an allocation for these takes an act of god. we are still on the wait list for a platinum, from the time we put in a deposit, to when we got the call that they had one coming (an xle) was a little under a year.

    Dont go into the purchase thinking you can order the exact spec you want. you’ll need to have colors and packages that youdbe willing to accept or prepare to wait for a while.

  • If you value technology in cars, the Sienna’s tech has not been updated to the newest Toyota tech system. The Highlander has the current Toyota tech. Consequently, the Sienna feels obsolete in that aspect.

    Outside of reliability, if your second top value is practicality, it’s a no brainer to get a Sienna over the Highlander due to the spacious 3rd row unless you’re talking about the Grand Highlander.


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