Looking for a dealership near me that is not “LITHIA”

I live in southern Oregon and am looking to buy a new Tacoma but refuse to go anywhere near a Lithia dealership. They have raked me over the coals far too many times to count.

Does anyone know of a decent dealership within 500 miles of Southern Oregon that is not Lithia?

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7 thoughts on “Looking for a dealership near me that is not “LITHIA”

  • Steve’s Hometown in Ontario over in Malheur County on the Idaho border. I had the best experience with any dealership with them.

    Edmark in Nampa, ID

    Peterson in Boise is terrible to deal with, but has the most inventory

    Wills Toyota in Twin Falls, ID

    Possibly Reno Toyota, I bought an 87 pickup from them a few years ago and they were an okay experience

  • Clint Newell in Roseburg

    *edit to let the people know if you are a roseburg resident they sell at msrp with 0 markup

  • I agree, Lithia is garbage and shouldn’t be allowed represent Toyota. I got my car a month ago today from a Lithia dealer and it felt like what it must be like to shop at a buy here pay here “we approve everyone!” type of place.

    I had a finance guy try to yoyo finance me despite having solid job history, income, and credit. Then the guy tried to tell me I had to get a warranty and stuff to get approved for lower interest rate (tied financing is illegal in many states).

    When he called to say “the loan fell through, but got you approved at a different bank at a higher interest rate” I told him I’ll be there tomorrow right when they open to return the car. Magically I got approved for the original agreed upon interest rate.

    Every car I’ve ever purchased, I always get a call after a few weeks to see if everything is good with the car and a thanks for my business. I haven’t heard a peep from these people lol.

  • Is Kendall, in Eugene, an option? I’ve dealt with them a bit, and wasn’t extra dissatisfied, as compared to other stealerships.

  • I got my new rav4 in Roseburg at the Clint Newell Toyota. I got a fair deal.


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