Looking to buy my first car, need advice! (22M, in college….)

Hello everyone, I’m looking to get my first car and have some questions. Here’s a breakdown of my situation:

22y.o, in college, work part-time and get about $1,200 a month. Only expense is food and a $90 phone bill. I’m looking to have about $2-3k saved by the time I need to get the car. Credit score is 721 with about 9 months of credit history. No co-signer


Should I go the route of getting my own auto loan through a credit union? Or would financing through a dealership be better?


Would buying used from a dealership help with the financing or should I aim to go through a bank or credit union first?


Ideally looking to get a Toyota Corolla regardless, but any help with how I should go about this would be VERY appreciated!

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