How to Change Toyota Prius Key Fob Battery? ( 3rd Gen Prius )

3rd Generation Toyota Prius key fob battery replacement is easy with few steps, but it can cost anywhere up to and over $100. So if you do not want to waste money in vain, I will show you a step-by-step guide on how to change the Key fob battery in one. When the key fob battery is low, the car will send you a warning on the dashboard – “KEY BATTERY LOW”. This post might be an excellent place to start if you have this warning. you will not need any additional tools.

Prius key battery warning
Prius key battery warning

Video Tutorial


Prius Key Fob Battery Replacement

To replace the battery, you first need to remove the mechanical key by pulling the switch next to the keyring and then pulling up on the keyring to remove the key. Next, insert the mechanical key into the shallow slot next to the key holder and twist. The entire key fob will separate down the middle, revealing the battery if done correctly. Finally, replace the battery and reassemble the key fob.

Which battery do you need?

For Third Generation Toyota Prius key fob you will need CR1632 Battery. 

Here is recommended ones:


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