Question about oil change via Toyota care.

I have a 23 GR86 and I’m taking it in for its first oil change. I was gonna do it myself but I remembered about Toyota care + I got an email mentioning it and helping me setup my appointment. The issue is when I click on oil change. It’s billing me $79.99. I thought it was free? There’s no option to select Toyota care service. I have to manually enter oil change. Then get billed.

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5 thoughts on “Question about oil change via Toyota care.

  • Not sure about the GR86, but most modern Toyota only does a tire rotation on the first 5k/6months visit. It’s the 10k/1year visit that includes an oil change.

  • It wasn’t free for first 5k. Toyota deceivingly advertised their free oil change for 2 times only in 5 times interval.

  • toyota follows a strict maintenance log/schedule. Since it uses synthetic and synthetic lasts up to 10k miles or 12 months, whichever comes first, they will only change then. if you want them to do it, it’ll cost you.

    what i did is just change it myself at 5k and let them do everything else under the toyota care.

  • If I’m remembering correctly the GR86, like the GT86 and FR-S before it, gets 3 Toyota Care services spaced 7.5k miles apart. All 3 are oil change and tire rotation. It’s likely there’s a poorly set up online scheduler. I’d just put in the appointment for the oil/rotate then when you check in mention Toyota Care and that it didn’t give you the option online.

  • My toyota care came with I think it was 4 free changes? The 5k 10k 15k and 20k. But I paid for one at 0 miles to flush the engine contaminants from the factory.


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