Rav4 2020 XLE Hybrid – Remote Start from Key

I just purchased Rav4 2020 XLE Hybrid, it’s second hand car from insurance auction and i’m not living in US. So i found out that Infotainmant system in car hase App: Remore Connect, but it is greyd out and requires update, which i can not install, because i’m not in US and car does not have cellular connection any more. I tried combination on Key (3xLock) but it does not work.

Is there any switch or something that needs to be adjusted for Remote Start to be active or any other way to find out if car has this funciton or not ?

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4 thoughts on “Rav4 2020 XLE Hybrid – Remote Start from Key

  • Remote Start from the fob now requires an active Remote Connect subscription.

    Have you tried connecting the car to wifi for an OTA software update?

  • There is no switch, it needs to see an active Toyota subscription to the vehicle in order to activate key fob remote start. Plus you are out of the US so it probably won’t be able to use your local cell towers to communicate with the servers.

    You are better off getting an aftermarket remote start kit that utilizes the factory key or add in a 2 way long range remote.

  • Call toyota brand engagement they can help. Also if vehicle is meant for united states and the vehicle is not in the states, it may not work.


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