Recommendations for a family of 4 with 2 car seats

Can anyone recommend which of the suvs would be better to cater 2 car seats? Corolla Cross? RAV4? Venza? Cross is ideal because cheaper but heard some complaints of not having acceleration power and not having too much backspace.

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5 thoughts on “Recommendations for a family of 4 with 2 car seats

  • Go to the dealer with your seats and install them in the Cross. If they fit you are done. If not it is a rav4 for sure.

  • Remember your kids will
    Grow up one day and suddenly in 5 years you’ll need space How long are you keeping this Toyota. 10 years?

  • If I can fit 2 carseats in a 2003 toyota matrix and we tested them in a Prius without issue, I think you’re really overthinking this.

    Unless you need massive leg space and the carseats are so big they force your seat to be put super far forward, you’re overthinking this.

    I remember growing up with my parents having a sedan. It’s a cross or RAV4 will be fine size wise.

  • We have a Rav4 with one booster and a rear facing car seat. It works and is fine for the 4 of us, but we find it even small in some situations. Depending on if strollers are in the picture, you may not have a lot of leftover room in the back.


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