TECHNICAL QUESTION to the design of manufacture

I have a TECHNICAL QUESTION to the design of the car I just bought. I think each car expert gives different answer. I want the correct answer from the design manufacture. Is there a way to reach them. email or phone ?


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4 thoughts on “TECHNICAL QUESTION to the design of manufacture

  • Nope.

    You can email/call toyota corporate, but you’ll never get the info you actually want.

  • I worked at 2 of the big three. Their are 100 thousand parts in a car that is only well known by the supplier. An oem would know the system, I was at a supplier for a while and found Toyota would try to understand the system better than American oems but still it was a guess at the fringes of the system. Being systems detail is somewhat lost. One engineer design the system and another implements the design. Yet another would be responsible for quality and performance of the entire vehicle. No one person could answer everything.

  • Are you STILL going on about your mirror heaters warming at different speeds? 😂😂


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