What are dealership markups in Nov 2023 for y’all?

I’ve looked into acquiring a new model Tacoma, and a new Prius. More serious about the Prius. I also really like the new Land Cruiser.

Here is some numbers from my conversations with dealers in my area.

Bellevue, WA Toyota
$2k down 6-8 month wait for Prius. MSRP + $3,600

Lake City, (Seattle) WA Toyota
$3k down. As little as 1-3 month wait for Prius. MSRP + $5k in paint protection…

Would love to know if anyone has an MSRP dealer they’d like to shout out.

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2 thoughts on “What are dealership markups in Nov 2023 for y’all?

  • There’s one nearby me that was going nuts about 7 months ago and now they’re at like maybe $1-2k over depending on what you want. Other dealerships are at MSRP, but some do the BS “dealer added options” thing.

    I think the high interest rates are deterring a lot of buyers and at the same time used car prices have dropped substantially so people may be considering those a little more.


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