Why are brakes rumbling when I slam on them?

I just replaced the pads and rotors on my 2010 corolla because the front end was shaking everytime I brake. Now, with the new rotors and pads, it seems to brake fine when i press the brakes like normal, but when I tested them by speeding up and slamming down the brakes, it stops, but it kind of rumbles like it’s scrubbing to a halt.

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8 thoughts on “Why are brakes rumbling when I slam on them?

  • check if you correctly put the new pads on and the calipers.

    which pads did you use?

  • Might have missed a bracket when putting in the brakes, usually a thin piece of metal or wire, helps keep the brakes aligned properly to reduce noise, but they will technically function without it.

  • Are you sure you just didn’t have abs kick on while slamming on them?

  • I think so. These pads were all the same. No difference between the inner or outer pads. No clips that hold them in the caliper like on my van. Did one at a time taking out old pad and putting new one in so I knew I was putting them in correctly…hopefully.

  • Make sure the ears on the brake shoes are flush with the calipers. I would also try cleaning them with brake cleaner, my rotors came with oil on them. Didn’t realize I had to clean rotors before installing them so the pads became contaminated whenever I pressed the brakes at slow speeds.


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